We last covered Ian Brewer’s Woking-based venture Clean & Gleam back in September when he was cleaning ancient church floors. Before that, he reported on how he was cleaning yacht club cafés. Now he’s definitely taken the plunge…

The intrepid professional has won the contract to carry out deep cleans on a variety of boats on the Thames in London.

“It’s fantastic – great fun,” he enthuses. “I have now carried out four renovation cleans for a boating leisure company called Riverscapes based at Hampton Court.”

“Natasha and partner Klaus started the business three years ago and now their super cruisers are very popular with visitors to the city from the world over.”

Klaus’s nautical connections are deep-rooted, it seems.

Says Ian: “When I asked him how they got into the boating game, he explained that back in 1918 his grandfather patented the technology that effectively corrected the bulkhead fault that ultimately sealed the fate of the ‘Titanic’.

After that terrible tragedy, it seems he was a man on a mission to ensure it never happened again – spreading his love of boats through the next 2 generations as Klaus’ father was chief engineer on a tanker in the British Merchant Navy and Klaus now has 19 for me to clean!”

Ian’s lined up his favourite Prochem solutions for tackling the little ships’ interiors.

“I’m regularly using Microsan, Multi Pro, Clensan, Crystal Green, Prespray Gold, Liquid Woolsafe, Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner and Odour Fresh,” he tells us.

“It’s a wide range but then I’m tackling diverse surfaces and fibres aboard the boats.”

Riverscapes seem mighty impressed with the outcome.

“That’s thanks to Prochem products, my training with them, and consequently a real understanding of product application,” says Ian.

Natasha takes up the story from their side of things: “we were looking for a carpet and upholstery cleaner local to our boats in Hampton Court.  We had five different companies come over and give us a quote: all of them seemed negative and unenthusiastic about the work involved; and then we met Ian.”

Says Natasha: “All we have is over-flowing high praise for this professional. Not only did he do the carpets and upholstery, he has now absolutely deep cleaned four of our boats from top to bottom, inside and out plus he has done my carpets at home!

“Our boats are now sparkling and we intend keeping Ian as a regular.”