The new CR2 ‘Touch-Free’ Multi-Surface Restoration System. It’s a simple cleaning technology for professional cleaners to provide results without getting hands dirty.

‘Touch-less’ cleaning technology seems set to be the new kid on the block in innovations terms and next Spring, Prochem Europe launches one such system for restrooms and other wet areas that does away with mops and brushes, and – with the addition of a carpet wand or upholstery tool – can also be used for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

The new Prochem CR2 multi-surface machine enables the cleaning of toilets, urinals, and restroom floors without getting hands dirty. There’s no need even for chemical mixing as the solutions container fits to the machine case for automatic dosing during operation.

As well as practical, the CR2 utilises the growing demand for the increasing development of hygiene products, in particular in the healthcare, food preparation and hospitality sectors.

These user sectors are strongly driven by legislation and higher standards for cleanliness, hygiene, health & safety and with them, reductions in resource with a greater adoption of recycling.