Anton (left) and Rune

Prochem distributor and home-services company, FantasticServices has been rallying to support NHS staff nationwide by donating two hours of cleaning free of charge and giving preferential rates, going forward, to all frontline NHS workers.  

Now, the company is looking to expand this offer to all key workers in the UK.

“We all owe an enormous debt to the selfless NHS workers who are saving lives as they fight daily against COVID-19,” says Fantastic Services CEO and co-founder Anton Skarlatov.

Since launching the campaign, the company has already provided 366 hours of free cleaning and 1700+ hours of home-services on preferential rates for all NHS workers ranging from surgeons to catering staff, nurses to physios, paramedics to GPs.

Co-founder Rune Sovndahl says: “I’m completely blown away and inspired by the dedication and courage that the NHS staff are showing during the coronavirus outbreak.

“During these challenging times, we decided to join the do good revolution, too. These free cleaning hours are particularly popular with key workers with children at home, currently off school.

“Health and safety is foremost in all minds and we are following practices and procedures provided by the NHS, WHO and the British Government to ensure customers’ safety and well-being.”

Anton continues: “while we first made our offer available to NHS workers only, we’ve expanded it to other front-line workers including the armed forces, firefighters, emergency services and teachers who also might need our help.

“We’d really like to thank all key workers who proved they are true heroes. We appreciate them every day.”

Prochem machines and solutions are among the company’s tools of choice in the frontline battle against the pandemic.

Rune says: “Fantastic Services is a long-time advocate of Prochem products. Our specialist, deep clean teams get to access an extensive range of speciality products providing quality results, plus the technical support and advice available from Prochem is invaluable.”