Check out forthcoming dates for training, from now until summer …

There’s a Two-day Carpet Cleaning course being held April 30th/May1st and a One-day Carpet Cleaning course on March 26th and May 14th  (please note: all dates 2019).

Need to know more about settee and sofa care? Go for the May 15th One-Day Upholstery cleaning course.

Plus we have a Hard Floor Cleaning Course taking place on March 12th, June 27th, and a Stain Removal Course on March 27th


Chessington too far south?

No problem. Why not plan ahead? Join the One Day Carpet Cleaning course in Manchester on October 1st and, for enhanced information about stain removal, this is followed the next day, on October 2nd, by the One Day Stain Removal course.

All your options online now at