Meet the Lewis Brothers! Their start-up carpet cleaning company in South Wales has just taken delivery of two brand new Prochem Europe Steempro Powerflo extraction cleaning machines.

Says Owen (on the right here, with sibling Mark): “we’ve got one each and we’re just delighted with them!”

The duo started in business together in July 2017 but not before exhaustive research into the business and the local market.

“We did a lot of homework,” laughs Owen. “We were also lucky enough to be able to get advice from my father-in-law, Mike. He had run a carpet cleaning business which we both worked for and he was a mine of information and gave us lots of great tips.”

Like where to buy the right equipment? “Yes and that’s where Prochem came into play,” continues Owen. “Prochem Europe’s rock solid brand reputation appealed to us. Not just for the machines which we obviously love but for the chemicals.

“There’s a wide choice and basically something for every kind of eventuality. Their specialisms enable us to offer an equally wide range of solutions.”

The brothers have been working steadily in the region with a wide range of business ranging from households to end-of-tenancy cleans and a mix of commercial and leisure, including cinemas, where a fast, thorough, deep clean is needed to be effected quickly.

Business is growing principally by word of mouth but social media is clearly an evident means of prompting a sale, too. Owen and Mark shoot nifty little films of work in progress for Facebook and Twitter: Christmas should be good!

The two aim to get into more training next year. “We’ve been watching Prochem product videos and they are really useful plus there are some good tips on applications,” says Owen.

“Now, the aim in 2018 is to take up more of the company’s training courses.”