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A Hard Day’s Work for Vaxinol

Fab Four get the Prochem Microsan treatment

Fab Four get the Prochem Microsan treatment

Liverpool’s most famous sons got special attention when the city authorities upped their contingency for halting COVID-19’s spread.

John, Paul, George and Ringo (or their effigies at least) got a proper spraying of Prochem’s D500 Microsan® biocidal cleaner from start-up sanitising specialist Vaxinol, fast-becoming the most famous go-to solution for Coronavirus treatment in the North West.

National TV news networks picked the story up as did the local newspapers and while The Beatles may have been used to the attention, for Craig Howard it was all very new.

Former cleaning solutions salesman Craig and co-director Bradley Griffiths set up their cleaning business in April.

“Coronavirus had already kicked off so we moved fast to meet demand for deep cleans from the commercial sector and the business just kept coming in,” he says.

Merseyside-based Vaxinol are commercial, industrial and residential cleaners specialising in disinfection and decontamination using electrostatic spray systems. They also offer carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning.

Craig and Bradley’s business is busy misting and spraying certainly, but he relies on his brand new Prochem SX2100 Steempro Powermax for the balance of the company’s day-to-day work.

“It’s a very fast and efficient machine that cuts through the work,” says Craig. He and his two colleagues put the hot water extractor to task recently when called in to clean auditorium upholstery in an old cinema.

Plaza opens – and closes

Built in 1939, the Plaza in Crosby closed the day it opened courtesy of the Second World War but following its reopening two weeks later offered full film programmes and, for many years, live variety entertainment.

The cinema had a capacity of 1,450 seats – 1,000 in the stalls and 450 in the balcony – until 1976 when it was converted to a three screen cinema.

Saved from the clutches of developers in the 1990s it is today a community-funded venture with a main auditorium of 200 stalls seats and 370 balcony seats with each of the other two auditoria having 97 seats.

Plaza seats – before

Plaza seats – after

But those plush blue fabric seats had got in a sorry way. “They were very grubby indeed,” reflects Craig. “But we set to work, going back over the job to sort out any marks and spots, and two days later, thanks to the Steempro and Prochem’s solutions, we brought them back to life.”

Craig is a Prochem fan: he has attended a number of the company’s training courses and likes the solutions it sells, notably S710 Trafficlean, B108 Fabric Restorer and B107 Prespray Gold.

And then there is D500 Microsan®, of course.

This multi-surface biocidal cleaner for hard surfaces, floors, carpets and upholstery is effective against bacteria including MRSA and viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV and Coronavirus.

“It’s been a must during the pandemic,” says Craig. “Even The Beatles get the treatment!”

Craig and Bradley are back on the COVID trail now, launching a new range of non-alcoholic sanitising solutions of his own.

Prochem training – more courses planned to kick start new careers

With more entrants to the cleaning sector than ever, Prochem Europe has increased the number of training courses being held at its academy in Chessington, Surrey.

Courses in carpet, upholstery, hard flooring and stain removal are being planned for the remainder of 2020 while further dates are set for 2021.

The company, which had to suspend training courses for three months at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, has taken steps to ensure the safety of delegates while the virus continues.

Course delegate numbers have been reduced to 12 from 28 per session while courses formerly run on consecutive days now have a day inset between to enable sanitising of the training environment.

A new entrance to the training academy has been implemented to manage a safe and separate area of the building for both course attendees and Prochem staff. Delegates are being asked to wear a face covering when moving around the academy, while the training team wear a clear face shield when teaching.

Multiple sanitising points are now positioned about the academy and a one-way route has been organised to allow safe passage to and from the rooms, dining area and toilets.

Company training manager Phil Jones cites increased demand for training as a driver in restarting courses.

“Once lockdown came into being and the need for increased cleaning of commercial and domestic premises, we noticed a greater number of enquiries for training and machinery, with many requests coming from people who are seeing carpet and upholstery cleaning as a new business and career opportunity,” he says.

“Some were looking to add carpet and fabric cleaning to an existing business such as facility management, patio cleaning or even garden maintenance, while others were making a fresh start due to employment termination.

Says Phil:

“With heightened demand coming not only from newcomers as well as existing cleaners, we had to up our game and add more course dates.

“Changes to people traffic management and implementing sanitising points and providing PPE enabled this, plus the sheer size of the training academy allows for good social distancing, maintaining the wellbeing of candidates and Prochem training staff alike.”

Further information on added dates for carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning as well as stain removal can be found here

COVID-19 fogging for historic school

One of Britain’s oldest independent boarding schools is applying the very latest technologies from Prochem in its bid to counter COVID-19.

Founded in 1541, Berkhamsted has over the years grown a portfolio of six quality educational environments for children aged from 3 to 18 years in the Buckinghamshire towns of Chesham and Amersham as well as its home town in Hertfordshire.

When Les Bushell, Housekeeper for Berkhamsted Boys’ five sites on the town’s Castle Campus, was tasked with devising a solution for day-to-day sanitising he consulted local Prochem distributor, Complex Cleaning Supplies in Radlett.

“Complex are fantastic at getting to the heart of what’s needed, “says Les, “and in this instance Sue Williams came back recommending Prochem’s REB15 back-pack battery sprayer.”

The unit sports a re-chargeable 15 litre Li-ion 18V with variable pressure adjustment, brass lance and cone nozzle for standard spray applications. It can also be fitted with BM5042 hollow cone disinfection nozzle for disinfectant misting applications.

Les manages a team of 57 to provide Berkhamsted’s daily laundry and cleaning needs.

Impressed with the REB15, he duly purchased six with spare battery packs to meet the demands of fogging throughout the school’s administration and teaching premises as well as its boarding houses.

“We’re very pleased with them,” he says. “They are worked hard over the two days we have to sanitise and are consistently reliable. The disinfection nozzle is so effective we have seen a reduction in our chemicals usage, too.”

Family-run Complex started life as a contract cleaning business and today offers a vast range of quality cleaning supplies and cleaning products, including equipment.

Customers include both public and private sector schools, leisure centres, religious organisations, contract cleaners, nursing homes, offices and restaurants.

Prochem launches fast spray mist disinfecting for floors and surfaces

A mobile solution for quickly disinfecting facilities and public areas has been launched to market by Prochem Europe.

The M500 Micro-Mist is purpose-designed for fast application of disinfecting solutions in a fine mist to interior floors, carpets, upholstery and multiple types of surfaces and touch-points.

Developed exclusively for use with Prochem’s D500 Microsan® and B125 Clensan® solutions, the machine features a 70 micron misting gun attached to a 7.6 m industrial solution hose fitted with brass quick connects which at 37” in length allows the gun extended reach to high and low areas.

Durable, with a light-weight, compact body, the Micro-Mist has a top-mounted chemical tray, misting gun holster, and large rear wheels and a folding handle for easy transport.

Its 250 psi pump offers optimal rate of solution dispensing for maximum productivity while a

15 litre solution tank provides for larger coverage, reducing solution refill downtime.

The on-board tool caddy system simplifies transporting the Micro-Mist to job locations with all tools and chemical necessary to complete the surface disinfecting job in one trip.

Prochem is currently launching the Micro-Mist as a special package including 4 x 5L D500 Microsan, 2 x 5L B125 Clensan, 1 x LH4301 Comfort mask and 1 pair blue nitrile gloves supplied with each machine.

More at

Rob’s trust route to business success

When the owner of a plush 20-sleeper Airbnb found Covid-decontamination times for the home’s 80 sq m of slate floor were hampering occupier turnaround, specialist cleaning contractor and Prochem user Rob Reeve found the fix.

“The problem was they weren’t getting the mopping and drying fast enough and that was primarily due to absorbency issues,” says Rob.

The founder of Ipswich-based UK Carpet Care went to the home and analysed the situation.

“Establishing that the floor had not been sealed, we deep cleaned it to accept three coats of Prochem R603 Stone Seal to make it water-tight and then three of C503 Proshine to give it a wear layer,” he recalls.

“This treatment transformed the floor which, now non-absorbent, mops and dries in minutes. The owners were over the moon.”

It’s yet another quality job that Rob has won and retained on the back of his own business ethos: make what you do a passion and people with that passion will have you back.

Rob’s mantra works economically, too: “passion pays,” he says. UK Carpet Care cleans homes, offices, yachts, buses, aircraft interiors and more.

“Shared interest in where you clean and even love for a floor type instils confidence in its owner that you will always be the go-to solution when it comes to caring for them and that’s particularly true of high quality floors.”

Now Rob’s talking rugs; his business has grown such a proportionally high share of those in the region he has set up a separate business, Suffolk & Essex Rug Care, to manage their cleaning.

He started his company in 2008 at the age of 19 and all the way it’s been ‘done by the book’, so training is inevitably a must.

“I first trained with Phil Jones at Prochem when I started up and I’m still going on their courses simply because they are so comprehensive and things change.

“Courses adapt to changing circumstances in the market so education is ongoing in my book. Another benefit of training courses is that you get to meet and interact with other cleaning professionals and you make some long-standing and useful connections.”

“External and in-house training, no corners cut for long-lasting results which means a lot of retained business, love what you do and go down the trust route, ” he declares.

“Trust builds a strong business with long term repeat business.”

And then there’s networking: Rob is big on getting out and talking about what his team of 5 plus four vans with Prochem SX2100 Steempro Powermax portable extractors actually do and how.

“We go to flooring retailers and talk about floor types and care techniques,” he says.

“We have around forty on our books now, all of who recommend us to customers. And no, they don’t worry that we’re increasing replacement times for their products because their customers come back to them on the back of what we do. Its reciprocal business: referrals sustain business growth.”

Rob loves Prochem products: around 80% of the company’s machines and chemicals inventory is sourced from the company’s ranges.

In addition to the Steempro Powermax fleet of six, he has a PRO 35 dry & wet carpet & floor cleaner, along with BV100 Bravo Spotter machines. “The Powermax is an absolute dream,” he relates. “It’s the perfect size with ideal pressure achievable.

“We love their chemicals, too.  Prespray Gold, Fibre & Fabric Rinse, go down well and are regulars on the vans. We particularly like the specialism of Prochem.

“We simply won’t and don’t chance a generic solution on every floor.”

Emerging markets: Technivo stops dust up in data centres

It’s a fast-growing market set to rise by up to 15%; it’s COVID-proof; and it presents special cleaning needs.

We’re talking data centres: figures released by M Capital Group show the global data centre industry achieving strong growth over the next five years, reaching a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% to 15%.

GH3149 Suction kit fitted to Floor Pro

GH3149 Suction kit fitted to Floor Pro

Based in Farnham, Surrey Technivo is a specialist in cleaning these anonymous-looking and often secretive buildings and recently sourced four Prochem dual-speed rotary machines with suction kits and filter bags especially for the sector.

Technivo offers a wide range of data centre support services, from decontamination and management before, during and after construction works, through controlled environment movement of sensitive server hardware to power and environmental audits for businesses.

The company provides comprehensive specialist technical deep cleaning solutions including the cleaning of floor surfaces and voids, air conditioning equipment, trunking, ducting, lighting systems and areas of high sensitivity that include IT componentry; servers, EUC computing equipment and similar.

Nick Powis is the company founder and managing director while Gemma Charman and Angela Ford run operations of the business, looking after a fast-growing number of contracts across the UK and Northern Europe.

Data centres are demanding customers even if there are very few people in them. The technology housed in them running 24/7, 365 days a year provides the means by which businesses globally conduct their day-to-day business.

It’s easy to forget about them – that is, until something goes wrong.

“Over-heating is the issue and often this is caused by insufficiently clean environments,” says Gemma.

“We had been using one major supplier’s machines for some time but began to feel they weren’t quite right for the job so switched to another only to find those weren’t quite right either.”

Enrique German, a new supervisor with the company with a lot of experience of cleaning technology, recommended Prochem for robust, reliable and long-running machines that are portable and easy to transport.

“Enrique went on a Prochem Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance training course all about different floor types at Chessington, checked out the machine’s dust extractors, tried one out and bought four,” continues Gemma.

“Our job is to keep dust incursion and movement as low as possible to prevent it getting sucked into the servers.

“Technical cleaning is essential and machine scrubbing part of this process so consequently the presence of dust and of its control is a constant battle. The Prochem technology really helps with thoroughly cleaning demanding floors while filtering out consequent dust build-up.”

Data centres are a growing market and not many companies specialise in them as Technivo do.

Says Nick Powis:

“It all came about starting with smaller critical IT rooms within large office buildings but quickly morphed into much larger, often hyperscale size areas such as Data centres.  The market is extremely fast moving and as we move more rapidly into the online world, shows no signs of abating.”

“We now provide services for a large portfolio of commercial sites in and around London, with operations spanning Surrey to Liverpool, while we also have established operations in Frankfurt and Amsterdam.”

A base staff of 30 keeps the business turning over while a mobile workforce man vans working the UK client base. It’s a lockdown-proof business as no matter what is happening out there, the internet carries on!

The jewel in Alan’s crown

Alan Irving at Citrussteam is new to cleaning. Nonetheless, he’s off to a flying start with this Prochem Sapphire SS370 truck mount. The unit was purchased second hand but performs like new.

“I did a lot of research before making this purchase,” says Alan.

“I spoke with GP Cleaners who service Prochem machines and they recommended the Sapphire SS370 as it was a solid performer, with good reliability and an excellent track record for longevity due to the excellent build quality and the use of market leading components, not to mention some innovative design features.

“I didn’t want a very big machine so this was ideally suited, being compact and powerful.

“I bought a pre-used machine. The units have a great reputation in the industry which in turn leads to a high overall value and this gave me the confidence to know that I would be getting the hours out of it that I would expect and have an asset on my books.”

Alan has come to carpet cleaning from the residential care sector.

“I knew I had to have the right knowledge,” he says. “I put myself on a Prochem training course and joined the NCCA because I wanted to know how to get it right, not just cleaning but knowing all the tools of the trade.

“I’m based in Oswestry in Shropshire and it’s a good business catchment area for the blend of domestic and commercial business I’m seeking.

Next step for Alan is to get a website and Facebook page up: “Both I see as fundamentally essential to getting on in cleaning these days,” he observes.

Not so pretty in pink!

As if Kelly Fulcher at Bicester-based K&D Cleaning didn’t have enough on her plate getting the kids ready for school before starting work, how about a nail varnish spill on a bedroom carpet?

Kelly recalls: “It’s a Monday morning and my seven year old is carrying a tray downstairs with a bottle of nail varnish on it and drops it!”

“So, I ran straight out to the van and came back with Prochem’s A277 Solvex. We use it a lot at work and it really does what it says on the bottle.”


After Solvex…

Kelly applied a white cloth to the spill and dabbed away. “It was a big glob of the stuff but persistence and Prochem won through,” she says.

Kelly’s Facebook home page pic: “new business comes in regularly…”

Kelly’s Facebook home page pic: “new business comes in regularly…”

A domestic cleaner for four years specialising in end-of tenancy cleaning in and around Oxfordshire and Bucks, Kelly was researching into machines, came upon recommendations for Prochem technology machines, and bought a SX2100 Steempro Powermax.

“I did a lot of research and it kept coming up trumps,” she says, adding “I also got free training with it so that was a plus, too!”

She’s delighted with the Steempro. “It’s ideal for the kind of work we do where you need cleaning power with ease of use and manoeuvrability.”

Kelly and mum Diane make up the K&D team and have had a hectic time of it in 2020.

“When Covid came along things were quiet but come September we’ve been full on cleaning,” says Kelly.

“We work for two local lettings agencies and new business comes in regularly via Facebook. We buy Prochem chemicals – S775 Extraction Plus and S709 Multi Pro are excellent – and the machine training was so good I’m going back to Chessington to do an upholstery course next.”

And that bedroom carpet? ‘As good as new – I’m well chuffed!” says Kelly.

Hard Floor care and Coronavirus – your questions answered…

Prochem’s Technical Team receives enquiries daily about managing the care and protection of hard floors and COVID-19 has increased their volume. So what are we saying back to you…?

Have you experienced a greater demand for hygienic solutions that can remove viruses and bacteria from floors in the wake of COVID-19?

Definitely and especially when lockdowns were eased and premises re-opened. Pubs, restaurants, cafes and all venues opening to the public are required to clean and disinfect far more than before COVID-19. We have supported both the NHS and other medical venues with both viricidal cleaners and suitable machinery, keeping both the general public and care home residents safe. Cinemas and gyms have been requiring products for all hard surfaces and upholstery.

Many have been supplied Prochem’s D500 Microsan® – multi-surface, biocidal cleaner and B125 Clensan® – multi-surface biocidal sanitiser. These products have both been approved to EN14476 standards.

Do you consider hard floors to represent a real risk in terms of spreading the virus?

Hard floors are one of the main reasons for soil entering a building but the main risk was and still is cross- contamination from person to person or surface to surface.  Cleanliness of floors is and always will be a very important factor in the hygiene of any building and as such should be cleaned with a suitable product that will kill the virus in conjunction with normal cleaning practices.

What is the most hygienic way of cleaning a floor and ensuring that it is COVID-19 free?

Make sure it’s actually cleaned prior to sanitation. If dealing with larger areas of flooring use a scrubber drier machine such as the LW46 Hybrid Floor Washer or the Rapid 380. In small areas of flooring or in areas where machine use is not practicable, damp mop with a flat disposable mop. D500 Microsan is widely recommended as a combined biocidal cleaner.

Do we need specialist chemicals and sanitisers when removing viruses from hard floors? And how often should floor cleaning take place to keep a commercial floor clean and sanitised?

Make sure products for sanitising floors are to the same standard as for other surfaces. The EN14476 Standard validates efficacy against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus (Coronaviridae) family, MERS and SARS-CoV2. Both Clensan and Microsan are approved to EN14476.

Floors should be cleaned as required; take into account traffic volume and type of business being cleaned. Food production premises should be constantly sanitised while retailers may only be able to clean at the end of the day. Prochem has been involved in supporting and advising one of Europe’s largest gym chains and they have opted to clean and then sanitise their changing room and shower floors three times a day using a REB15 battery-powered back-pack sprayer with BM5042 Hollow-Cone Disinfection Nozzle.

What types of floors are most at risk of virus transmission and where?

Hospitals and care homes are the most obvious instances but other high risk properties would be schools, colleges, coffee bars and big fast food restaurants. Prochem has received many requests for advice recently from mosques and churches as they tackle how to allow worshippers back to their buildings. Many mosques contain carpets, especially in the Musalla or prayer room, and carpeted floors are also high risk as they are not cleaned as often as hard floors and the fibres can hold the virus for longer. Carpets are more likely to have people lying, kneeling or sitting on them, which could cause far more cross contamination than hard floors. Carpets should be cleaned as normal, but then sanitised, ideally by spraying a viricidal pre-spray such as Microsan, and then, after a 15 minute dwell time to destroy the virus, extraction rinsed with a suitable detergent, such as B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse using an appropriate extraction machine such as the Prochem Steempro or Polaris for larger areas. Both Microsan and Clensan have also recently been approved by The WoolSafe® Organisation.

Finally, what hard floor cleaning systems keep a floor clean and virus-free?

From our solutions ranges, again we’re looking at Microsan®. It can be used as a multi-surface cleaning product for all hard surfaces, floors, carpets and upholstery. Originally developed in the 1980’s for the HBV, HCV and HIV blood-borne viruses, its formulation is also effective against the Coronavirus Coronaviridae family (including MERS-CoV) and is approved to EN14476 for use on washable surfaces.

It’s ideal for post-infection control using spray-misting techniques; just dilute the concentrate with water at 2% and apply to surfaces with a recommended sprayer.  As a cleaner and pre-spray, it can be diluted at 6% for heavy soil conditions.

Likewise, multi-surface biocidal sanitiser Clensan® can be used on all carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces and has also been approved to EN14476 standards. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria and enveloped viruses, including Norovirus.

On the technology front, our new M500 Micro-Mist professional surface disinfecting system is a compact package for quick application of disinfecting solution in a fine mist to interior floors, carpets, upholstery and multiple types of surfaces and touch-points.  It has a 70 micron misting gun connected to a 7.6 m industrial solution hose with brass quick connects and an on-board tool caddy to enable a disinfecting job in one trip.

Another is the RC2700 CR2 multi-surface cleaning machine combining a pressure washer with a powerful vacuum system for Touch-Free deep cleaning of floors, tiled walls, surfaces and restrooms facilities.  It breaks loose dirt and grime from porous surfaces and hard to reach areas so they can be effectively removed with the squeegee and vacuum system.

The CR2 can also be used with the AC9000-2 250 psi misting gun to apply Prochem Microsan® and Clensan® to surfaces after cleaning.

Spray-misting is very popular inevitably right now and the REB15 re-chargeable 15 litre Li-ion 18V back-pack battery sprayer has variable pressure adjustment, brass lance and cone nozzle for standard spray applications. It can also be fitted with BM5042 hollow cone disinfection nozzle for disinfectant misting applications.

Qs & As

Your questions, our answers …


We did a job at the weekend and there were some very small black spots on the carpet. We’ve tried to clean it with coffee stain remover but it didn’t come out and then we applied Solvall spotter afterwards. It looked better, but when dried it was left with brown marks on it. Could you please help with some advice on how we could try to get rid of the marks? I have attached a photo.


These are carpet tiles, which have a bitumen backing to give the tiles dimensional stability. This can be ‘dissolved’ by the use of a solvent such as B123 Solvall or any other oil-based, spot removal products. The bitumen has risen to the surface and is now a permanent stain and considered damage. We would suggest your discussing with the client the possibility of inter-changing the tiles with ones in a less obvious area.

The tiles could well also be made using nylon fibre, which is a semi-absorbent fibre and so will be re-coloured by hot coffee, tea, etc. You did the right thing first, by using B195 Coffee Stain Remover and it did, as you say, make a slight difference. It would have been advisable to have continued with that process but with the understanding that it may not have fully removed the tannin staining, but significantly improved it over each effort.

It’s worth noting that not all solvents will dissolve bitumen, so a pre-test of the products to be used, in an inconspicuous area, is advised by all manufacturers.

E840 Citrus Gel is a detergent based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other oily spots on carpet and fabrics.  It can be used safely on many spots and stains and is formulated to work on the fibre surface avoiding problems to latex and bitumen backings which commonly occur with other citrus based solvents.


I have just started a carpet cleaning business and recently attended one of your carpet cleaning one-day courses. I found it high-intensity training, but fascinating, with the amount of knowledge that I learnt. I hope to use all that information to move my business to the next level. Thank you. But, I was slightly confused with the variety of stain removal products available for me to use and I don’t know which ones to start with. Can you help by making it easier to follow, please?


We’re glad you enjoyed the training and hope that it does help your business to grow and shine. We know that by using the tips and advice you learnt, you can give your customers the confidence that you know what you are doing, as opposed to all those in this industry that have never had any training – so many carpet cleaners do not understand things such as the basic “burn test”! The choice of stain removal products is comprehensive, agreed, so let’s try to make it easier.

Most stains are either water-based or oil-based, so it is ideal to have at least one option of each product type in your inventory.

B144 Stain Pro will hopefully become your go-to product.  It is ready-to-use and helps to break down fresh coffee/tea/food spills as well as blood, vomit and water-based stains, prior to extraction with your machine, so it is an essential product.

Oil stains, such as make-up, salad dressings, wax, gum and the like are not released by water-based products, so a solvent is required.

E840 Citrus Gel is a citrus-based liquid gel solvent that is ideal for those issues.  Simply open the flip-top lid, feed down, gently work in and, after 5-10 minutes of dwell time, rinse extract.

Those should be the main two products in your kit, but the requirements for others will arise, so if you can manage to purchase a Professional Spotting Kit, then it will give you much more flexibility in your tasks.


We have been asked to clean a flat that was once owned by an old man who was a really heavy smoker. He has now gone into a care home. The place reeks! The council have asked us to decontaminate it so they can put another family in the property. We need to treat the walls as well as the carpets, which are to be kept. Do you have suggestions to help us?


The tobacco odour has penetrated into all surfaces I assume, so your plans make sense. The carpets and fabrics can adopt the odour and need to be treated with our A222 Smoke & Odour Neutraliser.

The carpets and all washable surfaces, such as walls should be pre-treated and I would suggest that, once diluted, it is wiped onto the walls and allowed to neutralise the smoke and tobacco odour.

When you are deep cleaning the carpets, dilute the A222 into your extraction machine and rinse/extract with your detergent but also the neutraliser to deal with the odour.  A222 Smoke & Odour Neutraliser may also be fogged through a fogging system, if you need to fully decontaminate, just follow the label instructions.

It’s worth noting that A222 Smoke & Odour Neutraliser is the only Prochem product that can be ‘fogged’.


Having just made a survey at a very expensive property in Kensington, West London, the customer wants their faux suede sofa cleaned. They are very environmentally-aware people and have asked for natural products to be used. I only use a small selection of products and none say ‘natural’ on the label. I don’t want to lose this customer so could you help?


Have you seen the Natural Range of products on our website?

We have products for pre-treating the fabric, for rinse extracting as well as deodoriser additives. They are effective for dealing with all soil levels and with the added natural ingredients and fragrances the client will love the result as well as the remaining smell.

They contain biodegradable ingredients with eco surfactants for dealing with heavy soil levels that some other manufacturers natural products struggle with. They also have an encapsulation technology that helps with the cleaning regime.

The added fragrances all come from the natural world and leave a choice of peppermint, orange, lemongrass, herbal or eucalyptus odours.

Consider using our E717 Natural Carpet & Upholstery Prespray as the pre-treatment and then rinse extract.

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