Carpet hot-water extraction using a wand is a top notch cleaning method – but cleaning bigger rooms can be a challenge for the operative’s back.

Good news comes from Prochem in the shape of its AC1204 Powermate 1200, an easy-to-use accessory with powered brush agitation that bids bye-bye to back-breaking scrubbing.

The Powermate has a self-levelling 2500rpm rotating brush, a single spray tip and a 12inch wide clear recovery head allow you to spray, agitate and extract, in one pull-back pass.

See above: you can even show the customer what the unit is extracting from their filthy carpets through the view-plate at the front of the Powermate – ughh!

The Powermate hooks up to your extractor utilising the present hoses, pump and vacuum and only requires a mains connection.

It’s the mate that takes the strain and delivers a better result in faster time.