Prochem Europe is reporting a strong market response to upgrades to its Endeavor portable carpet and upholstery extractor shown at last month’s Cleaning Show in London, with plaudits for increases in performance output from 150psi to 220psi and 500psi.

The Surrey-based cleaning technology specialist has uprated the Endeavor to a standard 220psi machine. Its Aquatec Smooth Flow DC motor pump has a pressure switch to prevent premature brush wear and incorporates an internal bypass to stop the pressure switch being damaged prematurely by the cycling effect when using a hand tool.

The machine’s wand has been re-jetted to twin 110/02 jets to cut down on water consumption and comes with a Teflon Glide as standard. The Endeavor continues to use twin 6.6in Lamb vacuum motors helping ensure carpets are left as dry as possible, as quickly as possible.

The development precedes the forthcoming introduction of the Endeavor 2, featuring a 500psi induction motor-driven Cat Pump.

Early field trials of the new unit were held by Prochem customer John Ford at Surrey Cleaning Services.

“This is a very powerful machine that simply does a fantastic job, even on the worst soiling,” reports John. “It’s easy-going to operate, too, often only using one hand, and there’s no scrubbing needed.”

With pressure controlled via a bypass pressure regulator, allowing gauged control from 50psi to 500psi, the Endeavor 2 extraction cleaner does away with any priming issues by using the priming valve fitted onto the control panel.

The unit incorporates a modified version of the successful Heat-and-Run in-line stainless steel heat exchanger giving heat up to 60 deg C.

Uprating of the vacuum motor sees the old twin 6.6 units replaced by a single 8.4 in motor. With long-life brushes, quieter and less demanding of power than the twin 6.6in units, this new motor is lifted from a central vacuum system and is highly reliable.

The Twin Jet Glidemaster wand is retained but with twin 110/01 jets to reduce water consumption, aid drying times and provide a first rate clean. It also comes standard with a Teflon Glide fitted.

The Endeavor 2 took its bow at the 2015 Cleaning Show and raised more than a little interest from distributors and cleaning specialists – it was in fact the star of the Prochem stand.

‘It brings tremendous power to bear on the toughest jobs and has a drying time almost on a par with truck mounted cleaning systems in our catalogue.’

Additional features include handle-mounted wheels for easy vehicle loading, top front mounted controls and new front mounted wand stowage.

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