Training = increased sales; that’s the simple message from Prochem distributor, Sybron.

The Harlow, Essex-based business is a specialist supplier to the hotels and leisure sector – and business is going well.

“Training our office-based sales and admin staff on the products they sell has effectively doubled our sales,” says the company’s Chris Henwood.

“Prochem‘s training team did a great job of educating our eight-strong team into the company’s chemicals and machines products. Phil Jones brought carpet samples in and demonstrated burn tests on these to determine what their fibre constructions were – it was fascinating stuff.

“We were introduced to dry and wet application cleaning technology and shown how these worked and under what differing circumstances. Two hours just flew by!”

Sybron UK Ltd was established in 2003 as a regional supplier of cleaning, catering and hygiene disposable products to several key market sectors within London and the surrounding Home Counties.

More recently, its product range has further expanded to include catering equipment, specialist cleaners and a tabletop offering together with a bespoke service supplying logo-printed items for customer brand symmetry.

The family run company has been successful within the hospitality and catering industry, as well as supplying to hospitals, leisure clubs, schools, airports, residential homes, food manufacturers and theatres.

Sybron has been enjoying buoyant business with sales up by 20% year-on-year and £2m worth of business added in 2017, to date.

Healthcare and education sectors are also serviced by the company, but hotels constitute its core market with recent Prochem sales made to London hotels The Curtain and Montcalm.