If you’re uncertain of the difference between a linoleum or a vinyl floor, unsure if you can put a polish on a wooden parquet floor or how to remove social distancing yellow tape, then a Prochem Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance can help.

From learning how to strip polish, re-seal and then re-polish (often called strip & seal), to teaching how to give marble, granite or terrazzo a high gloss, we’ve been demonstrating both machinery options and suitable detergents to our hands-on classes.

Prochem’s sales team has been demonstrating and helping school site managers, hotel housekeeping teams and commercial cleaning teams deal with various flooring types.

Prochem ran a training session for a carpet tile manufacturer that had recently purchased a rubber flooring company on how to keep their products in the high level of appearance that they desire.

The team learned that, while most rubber flooring can be sealed, this particular manufacturer doesn’t recommend or support the process by warranty and only recommended regular use of a polymerised-maintainer.

This is because, often, if polished, rubber flooring can be damaged when the polish is stripped off causing dye bleed issues again not covered under warranty.

As more and more offices and buildings open up and more staff returns to the workplace, the requirement to clean flooring grows.

Prochem runs regular, advertised courses on how to clean and maintain all types of flooring.

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